National PetroTech is 100% Omani owned company with a mission to provide the best techno-commercial solutions to the Oil and gas industry in Oman. The company has successfully managed to deploy proven global technologies into Oman in a short period of time. These technologies are in the areas of...

Steam flood design and operations
• Completion equipment and service
• Wellheads
• Well testing
• Cased hole logging in steamflood and other environments.
• Water treatment and managing water supply wells.
• Engineering design.
• Artificial lift optimization.
• Other oil and gas service


Steamflood operated by National Petrotech  
No of Wells: 10
Total Steam Injection Rate 3000 BPD( Barrels per day)
OutPut Pressure: 1200Psi
OutPut Temperature: 560Deg F
Steam Quality:
No. of Steam Generators: 3
RO Plant: 1 of 3200 BPD output
Filter: MM Type - Walnut Hulls
Sox: 5ppm
Nox: 70ppm
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