Our mission is to provide  
  •  The best techno-commercial solutions to the oil and gas industry.
  •  Provide assistance to increase production from Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques.
  •  Fast technology deployment and application.

The Company

National PetroTech is 100% Omani owned company with a mission to provide the best techno-commercial solutions to the Oil and gas industry in Oman. The company has successfully managed to deploy proven global technologies into Oman in a short period of time. These technologies are in the areas of:

  • Steam flood
  • completion equipment and service
  • wellheads
  • well testing
  • Cased hole logging in steamflood and other environments.
  • Water treatment and managing water supply wells.
  • Engineering design.
  • Artificial lift optimization.
  • Other oil and gas service

National PetroTech managed to align key service providers in the on going steam floods in Bakersfield, California to bring over 50 years of steam flood experience to Oman. Most of these companies provide services and equipment for steam floods that utilizes more than 650,000 bspd. They have and continue to serve Shell Oil, Aera Energy LLC, Oxy, ChevronTexcao..etc.

National PetroTech is in the process of forming LLC companies with it’s principals for the purpose of transferring technology and technical skills to Oman. Forming joint ventures with our principles is seen as a key step in sustaining technology transfer to Oman and maturing the steam flood projects.

National PetroTech provides integrated solutions to all steam flood related projects. We have capability to carry out engineering design, construction, operations and maintenance for water treatment plants and steam generators.
Apart from steam floods National PetroTech has been very successful in providing very attractive commercial solutions to it’s customers in the areas of sand control, wellheads and cased hole logging to name a few. Our services and products are currently being utilized by PDO, Oxy, Daleel/Petrogas and PTTEP.

Sustainable development:

At National PetroTech we try to sustain long term projects by embedding the right skills in our Omani workforce. At this end both our principals and us strive to insure that technology and skills are transferred to Oman. This is in line with our vision that EOR projects will be developed, managed and operated by Omanis.

HSE policy

At National Petrotech personnel safety, health and the protection of the environment is of prime importance. The management invests in providing facilities that are both safe and healthy for the employees. We believe that there is no business more important than the safety and well being of all involved parties in our operations.

Adherence to our HSE policies, the government policies and the customers’ policies is a top priority, not only for managers and supervisors, but also for each employee all of whom must understand that he/she is the manager of his/her own safety and the safety of co-workers.

National Petrotech recognizes the responsibility and obligation to protect and preserve the environment of Oman. All workers are strictly directed to ensure minimum impact and shall restore the environment fully if any damage is caused by unavoidable circumstances.

In order to implement our policy, the HSE program shall include, but not limited to the following:

  • All sub-contractors working for National Petrotech must follow this policy.
  • Provide training to all employees and strictly adhering to the statutory regulations.
  • Providing all required safeguard to the maximum practical extent possible. Fully following     stringent code of manufacturer’s recommendation with no deviation or short cuts.

Quality Assurance Policy

National Petrotech provides equipment from well reputed companies that have their own quality assurance checks and are mostly certified by international standards. We believe that the quality in service is as important as the quality of equipment. At that end we work closely with our clients to accurately understand their needs and work out solutions to those needs. We meet with our clients on regular basis to insure that the feedback loop is closed and the client is happy with the services and equipment.

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