National Petrotech utilizes the expertise and the technology that was developed by Hot Hole Instruments (HHI) to carry out cased hole logging in Oman. HHI is a New Mexico Corporation founded by Larry Handy in 1980. It specializes in the design, manufacturing and running of reliable and high precision well logging tools. These tools specifically designed for “hostile environment” encountered in geothermal, hazardous environment oil and gas and steam injection has proven to yield the most reliable accurate and repeatable data. In addition to domestic operations, HHI instruments and services are utilized in Japan, Indonesia, Canada, and the Philippines.

HHI provides pressure, temperature, spinners, gyro and sonic logging services for deep high temperature and pressure reservoirs as well as shallow low pressure and temperature reservoirs.

On the left an HHI logging truck in Indonesia and on the right an HHI logging truck in Oman going through some inspection before it was mobilized to the field to start logging.

In 2006 HHI formed a local company in Oman in order to provide better and faster services to its customers. The local company also provides well and reservoir surveillance services such as running dyno graphs and taking fluid level shots to optimize beam pump performance.

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