National Petrotech provides completion services and Gravel packing through its principal JD Rush, which has been serving the oil and gas business in California for over 70 years. This enterprise has continued to grow and is now legally operating with four affiliated companies (Tryad Service Corp, West Coast Inspection, Trymax & Weststar Trucking. Current operations of 110 employees consist of a full-time QA, Engineering, Purchasing, and Health, Safety, and Environmental Department. JD Rush controls, by well count, about 60% of the current California gravel pack and completions market.

JD Rush Gravel pack machine standing opposite to the 30,000 sq ft facilities in California. A JD Rush gravel pack machine in operation in Bakersfield, CA.

JD Rush offers various types of pipe slotting designs such as mill and keystone slotting that ranges from slot size of 0.01"-0.25". Furthermore, JD Rush offers high quality (API certified, 5CT and spec 7 license) threading shop with full time operators dedicated to meeting our customers needs. Some of the threads that JD Rush cuts on regular basis are API buttress, API 8rd, API 10rd, line pipe connections, flush joints, API drill pipe connections and the new super Max thread.

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