National Petrotech supplies Steam Generators in Oman through ProGauge Technologies, Inc. (ProSteam Products) that manufactures new Steam Generators and can rebuild used Steam Generators into new condition at a very economical cost. ProGauge is a well known company in California and have been in the steam business for over 15 years. It has designed, built and supplied Steam Generators in USA, Kuwait, Africa and South America. ProGauge is currently working on transferring proven steam technologies to Oman.

With the support of ProGauge, National Petrotech are operating two 25 MMBTU Steam Generators for over 1 year at an up time higher than 90% and steam quality of 80%. Furthermore, ProGauge has vast experience in proven concepts on steam floods engineering and design. This helps our clients to design an optimum steam flood system with high energy efficiency; high system availability, good steam quality and low operating cost.

ProGauge works with reputable water treatment companies to provide a fully integrated system i.e. from water treatment to steam generation. Combining water treatment in the initial design of steam generation is crucial in achieving high uptime in the Steam Generator. It is important to insure that the feed water quality that goes into the steam generator is clean and soft enough not to cause any plugging or scaling of the tubes inside the Steam Generator.

In addition to steam flood solutions, ProGauge also provides Well Testing equipment and services. This includes Well Testing Manifolds, Mobile Well Testing Units and the ProGauge Well Testing Unit.

ProGauge rebuilt 50 MMBTU Steam Generators. Water Filtration units used to treat feed water for the Steam Generators.
Modular Production Manifold built by ProGauge in California ready to be shipped to Oman. Expansion joint built by ProGauge and installed in one of the steam soak wells in Oman.   
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